Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love Poems

"I know these days you are reading about something that has no end, at least according to the normal extends of our conscious cognition—love, I mean—in any of the attempts to write about it. But ah! The blessing of physicality of the art of poetry, I am able to content the feeling that in itself is the journey and destination. So with this i-poem the series titled Love is coming to an end. Bless me with Love oh, unknown eye caressing these words…
Lots of Love,"


I wrote a poem,

Then another,

Then a third one,

And then paused and read them all,

One at a time;

They meant every thing,

Though written in just three words:

I love you.


Terri said...

How sad that this collection of love poems has come to it's completion...I really enjoyed them did an excellent job. Looking forward to what you will be sharing with us next.

Anu Lal said...

Indeed it is sad. But it has to be. Anyway thank you Tia, Terri, for your words.