Thursday, July 1, 2010

Renunciation and the Devil

Renunciation is a spiritual stand. It makes the material side of life more close to meaningfulness, and perfection. Perfect in the sense, it attaches an indifference to the things and relationships around us between material and non-material beings. This helps to overcome obsessions, and we become more powerful. In other words, renunciation helps to dominate possessiveness and obsession towards things and people in life. This gives us the freedom to move on, and to stop on necessary junctures,too, and leads us to that glorious state of being, which we identify with the word: life. Life becomes a celebration. But life could only realise its mission on opening the doors and windows and on taking the courage to empty our storage barrels. We all possess storage barrels with us, always, in which we store our beloved people, memories, things, obsessed. 

Renunciation is a philosophic idea practised by the ancient tradition. The gurus of ancient India practiced renunciation. In the Biblical tradition, too we can perceive this philosophy. Luke 12:24 says: "Mark well that the ravens neither sow seed nor reap, and they have neither barn nor storehouse, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more worth are you than birds?" Luke 12:24-31 speaks elaborately on the significance of not to store up things or material goods. The concluding lines say that instead, it is the Kingdom of God, that one should seek persistently and all the other "things will be added to you." (Luke 12:31) 

It was when I felt my material obsessions suffocating me I decided to follow the Tradition, as a possible remedy at hand. Like a snake sheds its skin, I too decided to discard the material world to empower the world of my spirit. It takes a lot of courage. And for courage one needs to pray. But sometimes one will be tested either by the Extraordinary or by the Devil. I would like to share one such incident, when I was attacked and brutally wounded by the Devil.  Well, I guess that was not just a testing, of my spiritual strength.

[You can read the experience in my next post.]


Terri said...

What a nice post, Me Ho and in Matthew 6:33 it mentions not only to seek the kingdom first...but also God's righteousness. a win win situation. (Smile)

Anu Lal said...

Oh that is the same thing I was thinking about. A win win situation. I think all human beings are bestowed with success in their lives.No matter what happens they will get it. Sooner or later.