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Let Us Sign This Agreement.

'Thechild is the father of the man', but the man always forgets, how he had felt when he was a child. The only way that leaves, is to study about his past, living in his present. In this endeavour, certain things are purposefully avoided and certain other things are included, 'as if' to construct and convey the apt performance of the endeavour that he has undertaken. The children's help lines and child welfare organisations like the UNICEF are only a few examples of this endeavour. Even though, children are being 'watched', from reaching in wrong hands, we still need a day like the one observed on the 12th of June, The world Day Against Child labour, proving the futility of our 'watch'. Child sexual abuses, child trafficking, child labour, and even child marriages are forming topics for serious discussions. And many children are rescued from wrong hands, by the help lines and police and other governmental and non governmental organisations. But …