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The Silent Scream

I talked to myself, fiercely, more fiercely and more. Only my lips moved. My throat was free of the burden of sounds. But still I was hearing each and every word that I was shouting. My ears, I wondered, why are they not deafening on this sound? I was asserting and justifying myself.

It is only then one wants to prove his or her own identity, when that one feels oneself buried inside a common unity, which has no sense to sense that one and that one’s sensibility. This, I realized is the same case with me. I was unaware, if I am registering a silent protest against the unseen enemy who is curbing me from my right of a choice. Was there a choice before? I am not sure.

What I am talking about is, after a period of recent time, I felt my surroundings completely estranged from me. I felt like I was alienated somewhere in an unknown place. I am talking about the time after that. It was in these days that I thought of the choices in my life. I am not sure whether I had choices. But I had been …


Asmiling black
Face drew to
The headlines,

Which say
The elites are

Oh! Indeed they
Have changed
Their colour-

In India,
The newspapers-

Still crackers are
being burst,

For the change in the
Unveiled good hearts
Of the white’s.

The papers
Had also published
Along with This news,

The advertisements of
Fairness creams.
And a matrimonial-

Column near, said-
‘Wanted’- a groom,
Handsome, fair!!!