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Mind's Room

A eunuch once saw God.
“Give me the most powerful weapon in the world. I want top destroy the whole women in the world, for they remind me of my lack of masculinity”- He asked God.
God replied-“ Look into your mind!”
Yes, reader. Mind is the most powerful weapon and the hardest shield, which you can ever rely on. Make it your power and see the world around you changing. People can be seen losing their enthusiasm recurrently. We can see students and working people striving to get their enthusiasm back in the hazardous path of life. Is there any practical solution to keep you enthusiastic all the time?

Yes, there is. But first of all, we should pursue the causes for the lack of enthusiasm. That cause, I think, lies in the mind of an individual. When your mind feels uninterested in what you are doing, that would definitely try to avoid its presence in the bleary course of your action. And that results in the lack of enthusiasm. So, do only those thongs in which you feel comfortable and you l…