Monday, October 6, 2008

Ways to Think

we think a lot. Some serious and some silly things always wander in our thoughts. But have we ever taken the process of thinking, seriously? For some, the answer would be yes, but for the majority, the answer would be no.
Our thinking is greatly influenced by our surroundings. Every thing that our senses perceive and even some other things, which we feel, out of our senses, provoke thought. By mentioning some influences out of our senses, I meant The Supernatural!
The way in which we think is highly influenced by the society. It is the society through its norms and laws, which decides, in what way we have to perceive things and to construct our thoughts.
This is done simply for maintaining the order, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the society.
If we change the way in which we think,in the wildest way, we will definitely be the outcasts, from the society.
So it is we who have to decide whether we need the society or new ways of thinking.

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