Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Readings on Kerala- 18 Important Things to Remember On Your Exam Day

Hi friends, here are a few useful tips that will help you score great marks for your upcoming examination. 
1. Confidence: you must remember that you have already studied most of the chapters. There is no need to worry or feel less confident. Pray to God. You will certainly pass and get good marks for this examination. On this blog, I have shared notes for all chapters in Readings on Kerala. If you’ve read at least seven of these chapters (especially essays) you will certainly pass the examination.
2. Remember to keep the following with you before leaving for college:
·         Hall ticket
·         Two good quality pens.
3. Remember that your pen should not be a newly bought one. If you’ve newly bought your pen, you must use to write an essay or 3 paragraphs on a rough paper to wear its tip. Otherwise, the new pen would be rough in usage. This will slow down your writing during the examination. 
4. If possible, reach the examination centre two hours before the examination. Talk to your friends about the possible questions for examination. If you could find the teachers, discuss with them the possible questions. This will help you to brush up your memory. 
5. Enter the exam hall by 1.20 PM from Monday to Friday and on 1.50 PM on Fridays. The exam will start at 1.30 PM. Entering the exam hall early shall help you get comfortable before the question paper is served. 
6. Avoid speaking with your classmates inside the exam hall. If you have any questions or doubt regarding the question paper, always politely ask the invigilator. 
7. Give half an hour to write one essay question. For Readings on Kerala course, two sets of Essays shall be asked. This can be seen in the model question paper. This means, to answer all essay questions, you’ll take one hour. 
8. Fifteen minutes shall be given to write one paragraph question. Two sets of paragraph questions shall be asked. Three questions shall be asked in each set. Two from each set is required to be answered. Refer Model Question Paper for sample questions and to get an idea about time management. 
9. For short questions, three-five minutes can be taken. Two sets of short questions shall be asked. Out of five questions from each set, four should be answered. 
10. Please give much care to how you write your answers on paper. Use a clear blue or black ballpoint pen. You must decide which colour of pen will make your writing more legible or readable to the Additional Examiner (the person who evaluates your answer sheets). Legible writing is more important than stylized writing. Stylized writing may give you the result opposite to what you desire. It is not always necessary that stylized writing is readable. Keep your writing simple and readable. This is the most important part of the written examination. 
11. Try to answer questions as per the order in the question paper. I have seen many students resort to reverse order, answering short questions first and making way for longer answers later. This will cause them to lose a lot of time writing short answers. Longer answers like essays and paragraph questions carry more marks. These questions should be answered first when you have the energy and your memory is fresh. 
12. Never calculate your potential score while you are inside the exam hall. Always focus on your answers and how to write them better. Calculations of marks or score can be done outside the exam hall. 
13. Aim for 60 % marks minimum. The basic eligibility required to apply for M A English or any other course in higher education is 55 %. So you need to score more than 55%. For certain jobs also, the minimum qualification is Graduation with 55% marks. 
14. Keep a clean handkerchief with you. This will help you wipe your hands if they are sweaty while writing long answers. This handkerchief also shall help you to wipe off any dust accumulated on the desk or bench that you sit upon to write the exam. 
15. Clean the desk upon which you write your exam. If the desk is not clean, the answer booklet might get dirty and this will affect the clean appearance of the booklet. 
16. Before writing your roll number on the answer booklet, refer to your hall ticket and make sure you are writing the number properly. 
17. Write the subject, subject code, and Question Paper code only after receiving the question paper. This will help you fill the booklet without any errors. 
18. You must ask for an additional booklet if you are aiming for marks above 60%. Answer sheets with an additional booklet will create a good impression in the mind of the evaluator. This is because an additional sheet means the student is proficient. When you are asking for an additional booklet, ask for the booklet before the first one is finished. It will take some time for the invigilator to bring you the additional booklet. If you don’t have any more pages left to write on, any delay in getting the additional booklet will cause you to lose time and therefore marks. 
If you’ve read these points, it’s sure that you will do great in your examination. May God bless you. Perform well, my dear ones. 


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