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Bestselling author Anu Lal on 69th Indian Independence Day, Self-reliance, and Courage: FULL ARTICLE

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69TH INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY: Dependence or Independence Where Do You Stand?
That middle class Indian may not have personal means for conveyance. He or she would take a bus or train for daily commutation. Within that context, freedom of movement does have a seriously limiting meaning. In essence, freedom to move is limited and knitted with illusion in the life of a person taking buses for his daily travel. "Independence" may have a political meaning. This word also has a strict personal meaning too. In a philosophical sense, independence is possible only in the form of pure consciousness. Therefore, this state of being is beyond the usual sense of understanding the term. In a political sense, the same sense the term is used with these days, "independence" may mean 'no dependence on a colonial power'.  
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INDEPENDENCE DAY: What Do We Give Others?
It is not political independence that matters anymore. Mostly because political independence is as much an illusion as the thought of a distinct national identity. Everyone, instead, must feel something personally connecting with this thought, “independence”. To be independent, as we all realize by now, is not to depend on anyone else. It also belongs to the same old category-illusions. Perhaps, a term that stands closer to the notion that I would like my nation to use this weekend is 'self-reliance'.  
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NATION AND MEANING: You and I and our Collective Totality
The first thing every young person looks for professionally, after a college degree would be opportunities. Either as artists or as skilled laborers without opportunities one may succumb to terrifying levels of fruitless struggle and depression. Instead of waiting for opportunities, some are ready to take risks and create a sense of fulfillment from opening new venues of activity. Imagination and creativity are two scarcely used commodities in the Indian politico-economic context.  If someone employs these two, affiliating one's sense of purpose with 'conscience' to borrow a terminology from Thoreau, one will be rewarded on a personal level. These personal moments of fulfillment are sure to uplift the confidence and productivity of a nation as a collective totality.  

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69TH INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY: Thoughts on Self-Reliance 
Today, I am very proud to witness these young people doing what they can to experience fulfillment in life. The pattern of their involvement with the creation of the film mirrors self-reliance. They helped each other out. But they also quit waiting for opportunities. Instead, these young students created a space for what I would call dream-living. What was just a crazy thought in their mind, now, is a tangible, solid reality. I am reminded of my spiritual guru's words. "Whatever you put in your imagination expands," says Dr. Wayne Dyer in I Can See Clearly Now, suggesting a possibility that is at the same time at the stretch of a hand away from us and miraculous. 

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