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Stuck in Love 

Bill Borgens, a successful novelist is unable to move on after divorce with Erica, his wife. Bill Borgens son, Rusty is seventeen years old, and is in a serious lack of romantic enlightenment. Bill’s daughter Sam (19 years) is, on the other hand, an emotionally matured writer, on her way to big success. She despises her mother, for leaving her alone as a child to find another man. Stuck in Love is a romantic drama directed by Josh Boone, and released in 2013, with these three people—Bill, Rusty, and Sam—struggling to find peace with their relationships.
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Sam publishes her first book, the one that her father, a successful writer, did not even see her writing let along help her edit. This creates a conflict between the father and daughter in the beginning, but is settled later, when the book receives lavish reviews from “critics.”

Sam learns that life in the world between a man and a woman can get complex beyond their apprehension, and she forgives her mother, towards the end of the movie. Greg Kinnear performs the role of Bill Borgens, and infuses all his maturity as an actor into the role. Jennifer Connelly is Erica, Bill’s ex-wife, Nat Wolff is Rusty and Lily Collins is Samantha aka Sam. Lily Collins has done a commendable job as an upcoming writer.
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Bill teaches Rusty that writing can only come from experiences. Stuck in Love, beyond its quest to understand man-woman relationships, also ventures into exploring a father-son relationship. Bill becomes an instructor and a teacher to Rusty, his son. Through Bill’s guidance, Rusty, also a poet, writer, and an avid Stephen King fan, finds his muse.

If you have noticed the “Stephen King element” in the story, you are into a surprise party. At the end of the movie, Rusty gets a call. His sister has secretly sent one of his short stories to Mr. S. King. I hope you can guess, who’s on the other end of the phone; yes, it is “the” Stephen King. Stuck in Love is not based on historical figures or biographies, but it is interesting nevertheless and kept me hooked.   

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