Saturday, May 11, 2013

Iron Man 3

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Tony Stark has a story to tell. Unlike the two previous installments of Iron Man, the 3rd one is narrated by a character in the movie. And we instantly recognize the narrator from his voice. It’s Mr. Stark Junior, the narcissistic, individualistic American zillionaire scientist, who believes that development and creativity can truly help shape the world into a better one. Of course, he is considerate of the ‘future’, not just his own, but of the whole world’s too. This does seem a paradox from a self centered man of Tony Stark’s reputation. But it is evident in the ending of the movie that he is indeed looking forward into the future.

The Mandarin becomes an imminent threat to the world and in the US powerful people are thinking and plotting against this baddie. Ben Kingsley performs as Mandarin. Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) is a scientist who is the founder of Advanced Idea Mechanics. He turns out to be the real problem for Iron Man and the US, later. Even Mandarin’s identity is reversed and surprisingly, comes to rest at the end, on an unsuspecting man. If I tell you who that person is, the story is over, it will spoil the fun. For those who watch movies before reading reviews or Wikipedia or IMDb, Iron Man 3 is a gala feat. Well, the best way to watch a movie, it seems is just to go and watch it without reading any reviews and filling your mind with prejudices. If you are so obsessed with checking the IMDb before any movie, then check only for the ‘behind the screen’ people. Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios produced Iron Man 3 and Shane Black directed it.
Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
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Tony Stark, performed by Robert Downey, Jr with all the ingredients perfect, realizes that the one thing he cannot live without is his beloved Virginia "Pepper" Potts. Gwyneth Paltrow is one of my favourite actors and she is, as always, stunning in this movie. In the beginning of the movie, Tony Stark is busy with a hobby in an underground section of his lab cum home. Only towards the end of the movie, we realize what his hobby was.
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Mandarin’s attack ruins Tony Stark’s lab and home. He barely scrambles out of death and destruction, and inside his Iron Man suit, lands somewhere in the northern part of America, in an icy cold place. There he meets a young boy, who helps him get back on his feet. The Tony Stark you encounter in Iron Man 3 is the man who saved the earth from the attack of the aliens, you might have seen in Avengers. He suffers from anxiety attacks from the past ruffle with the aliens.

As always, funny and energetic, Robert Downy Jr. is fun to watch in Iron Man 3. A special mention should go to the always faithful, "Rhodey" or Col. James Rhodes, whose Iron Man costume, as we see in this movie, is named Iron Patriot. Don Cheadle  is wonderful as Rhodey.  

Finally, the individual survives and rises from the ashes, like the mythical phoenix. Probably the number of Iron Man fans would outnumber people in Kerala. And in that very comparison lies the true essence of what makes Iron Man so special a character, among all the other Avengers or from any other comic universe. It is his individualismthe triumph of the individual over his surroundings. Tony Stark is particularly conscious about himself, every time. In an instance when attacked by one of the ‘amber men’ he gives this advice to the boy—never to show your weakness when you are defeated, always be cool. [Words may not be accurate].
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Just like every time, no ratings and no stars. Please rate this movie yourself. And, dear friend, happy movie-going. 


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