Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can You Find the Place?

Here is a challenge for you; Find the place. Your time starts now!

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Where in summer they always tell you there is no water left in the dams to produce enough electricity;

Where they urge you to control your electricity usage, due to the above mentioned reason;

Where they show ads with film stars and sportsmen, before and after the national news broadcast, about the necessity of saving electricity and controlling population growth;

Where the bureaucracy that controls electricity has no limitation in using and misusing it;

Where every individual pays more than he earns, on food;

Where after every rain, the roads disappear into ponds and puddles, and every sewage overflows;

Where every government employee is part of one or another political party and work for the benefit only of the members of the party;

Where every politician holds the reputation of doing nothing remarkable to the development of the country, but tightening his or her own wallets with bundles of cash;

Where every government addresses the question of reducing the price of cell phones and cars, but forgets about the poor and destitute;

Where strikes are reality shows; and schools and colleges are breeding grounds of political goons;

Where every boy or girl dreams of becoming doctors and engineers;

Where art means political adjustment and drinking toddy and wandering the frontiers;

Where during summer time, water comes in tanker-trucks, but the government plans to arrange laser shows for tourists;

The name of which is derived from the name of a tree;

Where cutting trees and cleaning up the remaining greenery is the ultimate meaning of development;

Find the place; you win nothing!

Image Courtesy: Google


Anonymous said...

wow well written !!

Anu Lal said...

thank you :D