Monday, February 4, 2013

Official Page Inauguration

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What is it?

May be, just may be, if you answer this question, you will forever cast out art! That is, if art is the spontaneous and requiring the interference of the Divine, the indefinable then by defining it, you are ruining it.

Or perhaps, the answer to the question above is art itself. If art exists for its own sake, then the answer to what art is, carries everything it needs to survive.

Let’s go down to the bottom of this question now and find out what the basic element in both these hypotheses is. 

Undoubtedly, it is the spectator.

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Art is created for eyes, ears, minds, souls and beings. Without them, art is meaningless and has no right to exist. To some part, this is close enough to exhibitionism, isn’t it? Well, we better do not judge. I said that because most of us believe in the power of judgment to either simplify everything for them, or just to control the vastness of senselessness around them. These types of people cannot survive without passing a judgment over someone, something or another idea.

I remember John Grisham’s comment on book critics. He says they are people with an unpublished manuscript in their drawer.

Often the criticism becomes judgmental, which mostly owes to this unpublished manuscript hiding within their drawers. The less judgmental a critical essay is the better. But that is, of course, impossible. You read a good book, and you desperately want to say that it is good. How can you not? It is totally worth the experience. You simply say it and by proclaiming the book to be good, you are judgmental, surely in a positive way.

It is impossible for an artist to live without judgments or criticisms, fierce or mild. He must survive this, like a phoenix burning in the fire of its own creation. And he should come back, too. Since, that is the only way he can venerate his art.

Art is a way in itself. It writes the name of the artist in eternal letters, however small his endeavours are.

Here is a small endeavour to reach out to many of you, through Facebook; in order to reach spectators.
An official Facebook page for The Indian Commentator is launched here
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