Friday, May 22, 2009

Verses of Love-2

Unseen Perceptions.

I saw the until then unseen breeze,

I heard the imaginary birds,

I saw the stars, shine in day light,

I heard the waves in the distant ocean of sand.

What happened to my world? I kept asking,

A deflection or a new scheme-

Of my eyes to see things or is it a dream!

Is it a life or lifelessness, I kept wondering.

As I am taught that no one can see breeze,

As I am aware that no imaginary birds,

Or no stars embellish the world, in daytime.

No waves of sand will be heard, I wondered.

It was hard to keep my senses normal,

It equals naught if, try to be calm,

On these, all said, a causeless abnormality,

I too thought, until I wrote, I am in love and I love you.

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