Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arrogant shanty

When the sun and its rays rise in all of its grace,
Whom shall I wait for starting the race?
I’m like the lightning, that fast is my pace.
Why should I late myself by waiting for a mate?
It’s time, for the seaways has been shown by the waves,
The cry of the sea gull makes the best of omens,
The darkest of the night is showing brightest of the stars,
And they will lead the way in this sailor’s days.
Some one called me volcano that still is un-slept.
“Don’t screw me up, you pest!” that was then my retort.
I don’t need his words and his bluffing, ever mate,
To prove myself the number one in this fight!
Life is a fight fought only thrice
One as child, two as young, three as old,
And the rest is told…

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