Friday, January 9, 2009

On a Family


In the whereabouts of that
Thickly filled town,
The family searched for a Chinese restaurant.
They were four.
They showed
Their bulged bags,
From the textile shops and jeweler,
With the at most haughtiness,
Though looked tired.

Kannur- the beach city of Malabar-
Passed the same exhaustion, to the family,
From the dust, the crowd and the traffic.
At last they found a Chinese restaurant.
The father looked at the others,
With risen furrows.
The young boy and elder girl,
Brought a smile on their dusty face.
The mother remained calm as if contented.

As they all went inside, the father in a secret move,
Checked his wallet and his furrows rose again.
When the others ordered delicious food,
He attended the funeral of his hunger.
Every one ate, but he didn’t.
But he was satisfied.

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