Wednesday, April 29, 2020


A word on actor Irfan Khan's passing away:

He is one of my favourite actors since childhood. I grew up watching such legendary series in Doordarshan those days like The Great Maratha. Irfan's role as Najeeb Khan was iconic. That was the early days of his career and my sensibilities as an audience or spectator. Through Pan Singh Tomar, Jurassik World and many other movies, he kept amazing me.

Today, I heard about his death while working on a short story for a reading app named Pratilipi. The title of the story was "The Magician who Vanished".

Just as I finished the story, I looked up from my word file to go through some WhatsApp messages and found the status on one of my friend's number.

Perhaps the story "The Magician who Vanished" is about Irfan Khan. In the story, a father passes away and the son is having difficulty accepting his death. The son blames himself for his father's death. Right then, someone comes along and gives the boy a perspective that changes his and his mother's life.

A lot of things could magically align to tell us that we are something more than 'mere' animals. This is one such moment.

Irfan Khan has left a legacy that the future generation of artists and film enthusiasts would look up to.

Irfan Khan, may your soul find its abode in heaven. May your soul rest in peace.

Note: You must read the story titled "The Magician who Vanished" published in Pratilipi App in order to see the symbolic connection I am talking about.
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