Thursday, April 11, 2019

PAULO COELHO: The Alchemist of Hearts

The following is a wonderful story. Please do read: 
For fans of Paulo Coelho, and by that I mean a wonderful group of great people who know what I mean immediately just by looking at the title of this piece, this incident might look like a scene from one of his novels. 

Recently, our dear Paulo posted a picture on his social media profiles. I noticed it because the picture contained several books being held by a young person and a collection of several books in a single shot always caters my attention. I commented on his Instagram profile asking dear Paulo if he was in New Delhi, India. The location status of his Instagram page said "New Delhi". My inquiry was a result of the assumption that Paulo was in New Delhi, India. I requested him that if he was in India, please visit Kerala also. Kerala is my place so it's justified for me being a little selfish here. 

Paulo has a way with his silence. He did not respond to my rather unimpressively rhetorical comment. By doing so, I think he saved the world from a major disaster. 

Somebody from Bengladesh, made a comment on the same post by Paulo. Our Paulo responded to the comment. You have already come across the comment and Paulo's response in the image above.

Solaiman from Bengladesh deserves this and much more. But so do we all. Our Paulo reading the words we have written is indeed such a divine event. But this is Solaiman's day, dear brothers and sisters, one in love with Paulo. 

Now, let me know in the comments section below what you think of this story. Don't you think this incident feels just like one of those heartwarming tales told by the Alchemist of Hearts, our dearest Paulo?

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