Wednesday, March 7, 2018

FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD 2018: Those Tales Called Blue

Tomorrow, on 8 March and day after, on 9 March my new book, Those Tales Called Blue will be available for readers across the world for free download from Amazon. The eBook is presently available in Kindle format as well as print.

Follow the link for a FREE Kindle EBook.

Please leave a review once you read the book. 

The eBook revolution caught on as the prices of eBooks dropped to an unimaginably low point. Those Tales Called Blue is available in print format at a price that is almost that of a kindle eBook.

Check it out here:

Yours lovingly,
Anu Lal        

Review from Amazon
"The stories of Anu Lal remind me of Jorge Luis Borges,"
Prof. C. Tharanathan
Author, Literary Critic, Thinker.

"Anu Lal's stories have the breath of ancient storytellers, the wisdom of old days, and the immediacy of our contemporary age. The intricacies of the human nature are delicately woven around us, trapping us inside the story, and leaving us wanting for more. An in-depth adventure into one's soul through the well-developed characters!"
Irina Serban
Author, Hiding the Moon

"His storytelling is unique and inimitable."
Siggy Buckley
Author, Next Time Lucky

Anu Lal has a fresh voice that emerges more clearly and deeply with each of his new works. Those Tales Called Blue  often reaches out to the readers with its sensitivity and power of sustain the emotions throughout. Anu Lal's prose is sensitive and kind. It has the musical feature of folktales and the mystical depth of parables. He is often referred to among our editorial team as the master of modern parables, a title that he truly deserves.

Readers of the book will attest that never before have they encountered in fiction the innocence of imagination so deeply engraved in the pages of a book.

How could the craft of writing sustain a theme like this so effortlessly? "The sentimental reader" to quote a phrase from the Turkish author Orhan Pamukh, would wonder.

This book, therefore, also offers the vista of a carefully constructed 'landscape' to quote Pamukh again that unveils through the perspectives of the protagonists. Another crucial aspect of the fiction by Anu Lal is that it never makes moral or ethical judgments. The characters do have their own preferences and priorities. They, however, do not indulge in dictating terms for moral living. The stories themselves offer a scenery rather than providing a code for a moral standard.   

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