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FAST AND FURIOUS: Why did I feel hooked?

The sense in a senseless car racing does not interest me at all. I am not a sports loving guy. I do not entertain the idea of spending long time playing with cars either in my computer or in the real world. The metal booth, in pink, blue, white, or black that stand on four wheels and a little arrogance does not create any sort of adrenaline surge in me. I have kept my life simple enough to take public buses as my daily commuter service. Not cars ever, until now.
I watched Fast and Furious 6, directed by Justin Lin and produced by Vin Diesel, Clayton Townsend, and Neal H. Moritz, and I loved the cars. Especially, the gear changes, clutches, and stomping the accelerator. Although at first, I stopped watching the movie after twenty minutes, at a later attempt, during one of the days when everything around me seemed rather frustrating, I watched the rest of it, and believe me, the movie blew me away. The reason, I believe, why I stopped watching it in the first twenty minutes or so, was p…