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EASTER OR ESTHER? Resurrect from doubt

Often, the argument surfaces during the Easter season that Easter is not exactly a Christian celebration, that it is not the commemoration of the resurrection of the Messiah, but the pagan festival honoring Esther, the pagan goddess of birth and regeneration. This argument, whenever raised, creates a chasm between language and its interpretation, without even considering it a valid possibility to assuage the rift between Christianity’s most fundamental concept and a fascinating pagan concept. What appears strange to me is that each year, as Easter approaches, someone will share a picture, in social media, of goddess Esther standing with her left hand raised, holding a mirror-like instrument or club along with standard recipes such as ancient pagan mythology plus stories of Christian assimilation of the name of this pagan tradition. This recipe constructs the question; is Easter really Easter, or is it really the festival for Esther, the pagan goddess? The problem with this question is…