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VALENTINE’S DAY: Why Do They Fear It in India?

Two things have changed since I understood what Valentine’s Day is and why some people get excited when this day arrives on 14 February, every year.
One—they have started using the term “V-day” for Valentine’s Day these days, as if it's Vagina Day or Victory Day or something. Two—some extremist parties have proclaimed Valentine’s Day a “No Love Day” in India.
Adding to the farce, (I mean the second change I mentioned about Valentine’s Day) the Indian state of “Chhattisgarh renamed V-Day as ‘Matru-Pitru Diwas’, meaning the ‘day for mother and father’. In other words, by “loving” on Valentine’s Day, you might get yourself beaten up or in some unfortunate cases, killed. In Chhattisgarh though, you may be arrested and send to prison because the Matru-Pitru Diwas is announced by the government itself.
I have felt it always easy, when writing non-fiction, to use a thought or quote from a book I read. Ideas and concepts from previously read books add to the charm of the non-fiction passa…