24 February 2015

Hello everyone! If you are a regular visitor to my blog, The Indian Commentator, I would like to address an issue more in tune with what you might be feeling right now. At last, we have a blog post live, you might be thinking. 

There have been a series of events, good and bad, confusing and confiding that altered the path of my life as a regular blogger into a fortnightly blogger, and that again into a monthly blogger. Although I eagerly wish to avoid this gap that has been occurring in my blogging schedule, the firm decisions made by the Cosmos are taking me into territories traversed never before. I am talking about those same events that mattered more than blogging.
Ensaf Haidar, wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi

Perhaps, you might read an article online talking about pitfalls in blogging, and find “not attending one's blog for a considerably long period of time” as one of the reasons for low number of pageviews. Needless to say, the same is my situation too. Not attending your blog on a daily or regular basis is indeed a short cut to saying good-bye to mighty number of pageviews. Sometimes, in life, page views do not matter. What matters is the value we give to our creative expressions and as a corollary, to ourselves. When someone discovers the perfect balance between one's creative spur and values that line our innermost ligaments of consciousness, peace will descend upon one through the confirmed sense of contentment.  

I am talking about the most important value that any human being can possess—contentment. It is not just an isolated ethical stand or value. Instead, contentment is the optimizing agent of an individual's value system. Imagine a football field where fifty people are assembled. Each of them has a sword or spear in hand, like in a colosseum where Gladiators fight. They are about to start a blood bash on the question who would get the first kick of the ball, in the game that is about to be played. Now imagine, value is the game of football, and contentment is an empty green field with no sword bearer on it. If the sword bearers are allowed to march on the field, not letting the players come in and warm up, then without the green field there would be no football match. Without contentment, there would be no values. 
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I cannot say, I decided to be the most content person on earth. Half a dozen years of blogging taught me that I must be content with the present. This leads me to my earlier point. I must accept that sometimes, life offers beautiful chances to be grateful for everything than blogging. We have to answer life. Some beautiful things are happening in my family. I will get to that later, in another blog post. Some confusing things are happening in my publishing life too. I would like to reserve the discussion over publishing for a later time, as well.

I am about to discuss an issue that I think deserves serious attention. Is contentment a crucial element in deciding a society's response to corruption, ethical disintegration, or injustice? If a society experiences contentment in its current state of affairs, would it still revolt against an unethical practice prevalent inside its cogs and machinery, which the society itself partly a creator and benefactor of?

If the answer is yes, then we must understand that every society deserves a moment of awareness, an epiphany, in order to connect itself with a greater truth or well-being. This also indicates that every society deserves second chances and time to imbibe change as per the supplied insight by the greater truth or the idea of well being. Then, inevitably, we must forgive those who demolished the masjid in Ayodhya and arsoned the churches in Delhi. We must also give a second chance to that great middle-eastern nation that incarcerated a blogger for attempting to contribute to a higher truth. However, the greater crime among these, that is demolishing ancient buildings and burning down places of worship, is silencing a writer. 
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A writer is the only hope of bringing the much-needed epiphany to the souls that occupy a specific society. By incarcerating the blogger, the middle-eastern nation has revoked its own chances to align with the state of awareness that presents any society with the chance of seeing its own corrosion, inner damage, corruption. In other words, that nation has just demolished the foot of the very own ladder by which the hope of survival for its descendants were guaranteed.
A culture can silence a writer, but the echo of many unwritten words would haunt it until it’s very foundations come down to meet with dust. It was this necessity, the desire that spoke to me in my awareness about the distribution of Cosmic Epiphany to every individual and every society to come back to my desk and blog.
I am not a regular blogger any more. I have matters to attend to. But I still am a regular human being. I attend to my humanity on a regular basis and unlike many of those who are burning with a deep discontent for things and matters that are as fleeting as the shine on the surface of a country river in summer time, I still possess a desire keep my values intact.
The greatest challenge of our time is not how to earn more money, but how to add more value to what we already have. Some say, value comes from forgetting ourselves and dedicating our lives in service of others. Some say, value is as transient as money itself. In my view, value need not be searched for outside. The value of our life is not in relation with our actions alone, or what we do for others. Value of life exists not in excluding one idea from another or preferring one action over the other. One can find value by being true to the sense of love that one feels deep within our consciousness, the love that we feel for someone else no matter what our color, language, creed, or nationality is.
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Today, I felt that my commitment is towards that blogger who is spending his time in jail, and is flogged by the government somewhere, in some desert kingdom. This is the reason why I postponed the discussion of that beautiful event that is transpiring at my home, and those confusing events related to my publishing life.

Each book, each blog post is a necessary element in providing the awareness to people and societies to achieve that state of higher consciousness that can promote values and demote the corruption inherent in the cogs and machinery the system. Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails, my fourth collection of fiction, is almost ready to receive its printing ink. This book wouldn’t have come out at a better time. On this occasion, I find it hard to believe that the necessity for a book could be of this magnitude. Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails deals with the question of what happens when love does not function the same way it is destined to. Many characters are also representations of societies that can silence its own individuals for many reasons, like that desert kingdom in the Middle East that locked up its blogger, as a vengeful act in fear of losing its face in front of his writing. There would never be a better time to write and publish Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails. I believe that the Cosmos has provided me with the right time to release my new book.

Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails prophecizes that the cost of vengeance is the demolition of the avenger. Soon, in the near future, if you hear the desert had swallowed a whole kingdom like many a mighty lands in the great scriptures, you need not be surprised.  
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Terri said…
"They will advance from bad to worse" true those words are. I had no Idea. Thanks for sharing.

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