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NATIONAL GAMES, INDIA 2015: Spiritual Signs They All Missed

I feel talking about a clumsy affair, a delicate event gone terribly wrong. This, perhaps, is what we can say for sure about National Games 2015. Many leftist and Hindu Right wing newspapers as well as channels have already come forward with cases against the sports minister of Kerala. Which newspaper you read is a big problem. The selection of newspaper will decide your point of view. However, from what I understand, every newspaper is printing the stories with the same ugly truths. It feels like reading novels by different authors, but all with same characters and stories.
It wasn’t a surprise that in 2015, National Games, the Olympics of India, the largest democracy in the world, would be held in Kerala. Thirty years back, in 1984 Kerala hosted National Games, and this year we celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of that event. The arrival of the Games back in Kerala was after a long time of waiting. No one cared much about thinking why have we not been able to host the event before…