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What I am about to ask may appear rather controversial in terms of the business of cinema. Ultimately, that is what it is, a business where people follow the criteria they are sure to bring in a lot of favour. Some succeed, some don’t. What’s that mystery? Who knows?  

My question is... where is Jason Statham? Transporter trilogy has been branded in his image and style. Last time I checked, he was taking his time off on a fishing boat or something, I mean the Transporter. Where does he go when they ‘refuelled’ this series? Refuelled is part of the same franchise, but portrays a younger Frank Martin, directed by Camille Delamarre. In Refuelled, Frank Martin is played by Ed Skrein.
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Now, let us sit down and talk over a tea. No, not coffee. I hear Americans drink coffee. In India, tea is a trendy all-time beverage. When you discuss the Refuelled instalment of The Transporter tea or coffee is a must. Otherwise, you may miss the whole point. As per the rules of the profession of a reviewer, revealing too much information about a work of art would be considered immature. However, I cannot readily keep silence about some aspects of the movie, even if it belongs to the spoiler category. This concern is due to the concern over my authenticity as a reviewer. Here is the thing: Ed Skrein overacts in many places. Perhaps he overreacts. Due to my education in earlier Transporter movies with the reticent and masculine Statham streaks of overacting in places left me chewing black pepper.

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Even one of the ladies who played the girl who steals money in the climactic scene in the cruiser-the girl in a scuba gear, with a tablet device-staunchly follows Ed Skrein into the trap of overacting scenes. Other than this minor flaw, Refuelled is a “good thriller with a lot of action”. The brilliant presence of Audi car and the stunt scene performed by the machine are without doubt great market teasers for the car manufacturer.

Apart from great action and car chases one factor stands out in The Transporter: Refuelled. This factor has a name: Ray Stevenson. You may remember him from Divergent or if you have a sharp vision, Thor. But I remembered him from Divergent, a clear sign of how little I see in movies while they are playing. This makes me incompetent in commenting on several other factors associated with The Transporter: Refuelled.

For more: Watch the movie yourself and come back. Participate in discussions in the comment box below.  

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