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Bestselling author of Private India, Krishna Key and Chnakya’s Chant, Ashwin Sanghi had recently complemented one of my book reviews.  @Anulalindia many thanks for the great review. Glad you liked Private India. :) @JP_Books
— Ashwin Sanghi (@ashwinsanghi) August 29, 2014 Replied Ashwin Sanghi to my book-review tweet that involved his latest thriller, Private India, in collaboration with the American Bestselling author James Patterson. This book review has been one of the top discussions in Linkedin too.
Private Indiais the first novel co-authored by Ashwin Sanghi. His previous three novels were written solo and were sold in large numbers in the Indian-English fiction market. Ashwin Sanghi is acclaimed to be one of the fastest selling authors in India. In the post-Chetan Bhagat era, only a few writers made authentic records as successful authors in English, although the market is teeming with English books by Indian authors. Ashwin Sanghi’s name appears among the very few successful wri…