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When I started reading Stephen King, I decided I would not read another book by the same author. However, when I was about to finish the book I was reading, I amended my decision and became his Constant Reader.

This is my story of how I read Stephen King. This review is hardly important, because the book I am reviewing here is Stephen King’s novel, Misery, which is read, re-read and reviewed many a thousand times before I even read the book. However, for a true reader, each time a book is different. As they say, no one reads the same book again. What did you say? Oh, you have read Misery even before I was born? Yeah, I know. Let me state that I am jealous of your seniority in this business.
Paul Sheldon, the centre upon which all feral deeds are committed, is a popular novelist. He writes two types of books, in his own words, “Good books, and bestsellers.” In order to finish his latest novel, he takes off to a mountain hotel. A snowstorm hits hard on his plans to get back to New York, …