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Dear friends, today, on this year’s May Day, I would like to announce that my 3rd book, which is the result of long nine years of meditation and journeys undertaken into the unexplored realms of human consciousness, is about to be published. The book contains 20 important stories of wit and wisdom. I thank the Cosmos for blessing me with this treasury of wisdom and helping me share it with my fellow beings.

This book has been conceived even before the ideas for Wall of Colours, (my first book) developed. However, I could finish it only now, after many, many years of waiting and suffering. There were times when I had thought I would never be able to finish this book. This was the one I wished I could call my first book, my first-born. Of course, for every writer, his or her books are babies that they bring out to this world. 
In this process, however, I have learnt one more important concept. What we (as a writer) share with the world does not come from inside of us. We become a channe…