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How to think L-O-V-E?

One truth governs all other truths, as far as I know. This one truth, which we call Love is infinite, beyond rational explanation totally understandable, yet indefinable, at the same time. Love is dictator and subject at the same time. It's mystery and logic, all in one. The more you try to define it, try to persuade your mind in terms of rational explanations and logical sequences they teach you in school and colleges, the more you are repelled from Love’s life-giving shadow.

Soul mate, man, or woman, whatever you call the one you meet and being drawn towards, the reality remains the same: your inner space has compromised its independent decision making capacity. It may not necessarily an individual that affects your ability to take decisions. It may be signals from another dimension, as Love is a phenomenon that connects this world and others, signals that defy our rationale but guide us towards knowing.
I am introducing you to someone, who has encountered the mystical and yet fe…