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Alfonso Cuaron’s—

 A Review
Unlike any other movie I watched, watching Gravity followed a thorough perusal of anything and everything available as reviews. I came across many wonderful movie reviews, but found none, in fact, that can stand true to what I saw and how I felt during my watching of Gravity. It seems, not many of the reviewers caught a good glimpse of what the movie is all about and what stays hidden, behind the lines, for the connoisseur to observe and savor.
The two actors, the only living human beings that appear during the 90 plus minutes, are chosen wisely. They have, to use a worn out phrase, done their jobs well. Writing department has imparted the best work, giving Hollywood an appealing show to cherish. Gravity is a survival story directed by Alfonso Cuaron, and is typical in its structural alignment, the beginning-- ambitious space project, middle—the catastrophic accident, and end—an epic struggle for survival, like many other survival movies in Hollywood.
Gravity is rich with symb…