Baisakhi, Rongali Bihu, and Vishu

You might not even know what these words mean. Baisakhi, Rongali Bihu and Vishu. These are names given to New Year and thanksgiving festivals in India. It’s both new-year and thanksgiving. Here is a culture that still, through its deeply engraved symbolic rituals, shows gratitude to nature. It may not be as grandeur as it sounds, though. The fireworks used just to make these celebrations unforgettable, causes serious health hazards and environmental impacts. No one seems to care about that anyway. 

Here is a peaceful way that I suggest in order to make the celebration unforgettable. Take books in your hands, read.    
I am going to give you something to read. This might “blow your socks off”, so to speak.

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I was sitting at my home, after lunch on a hazy Sunday noontime. And this thought crossed my mind.
It is also true that I was thinking along this line for some time, but all those thoughts were mere thoughts and I did not have any idea how to make it practical.
Once this new idea popped into my head, I immediately rang my editor and asked her if we could execute something like this. “Yes,” wasn’t her reply.
“How?” she asked me bewildered.
That was when I realized one more time; I was shooting the bull around, again.
“Here is the idea,” I told her. “Instead of publishing new articles and creative writing samples in my blog, The Indian Commentator, I will publish them directly as a kindle ebook. I will update this manuscript week after week with newer articles as I write them.”
“Does it mean you are stopping, The Indian Commentator?” she cut in.
“No,” I said. “I won’t stop The Indian Commentator. Instead, I will publish samples of new articles in my blog, after they appeared in the kindle ebook.”
“So, how are the readers going to get this ebook?” she asked curious.
“It’s easy, just like you download a kindle book through the site you can download this one too. Plus, this book will be free!” I tried to explain.
“Hmm...,” she said. “What if you publish a new article, next week?”
“Well, I will update the manuscript and send it to BW Publishing. They have said “yes” to this project! So each time, they will update the book, with each new article.”
“Does the reader download it each time?”
“Nope. Those who have downloaded it already will receive the update message from Others will know when a new article comes out through The Indian Commentator and also my Facebook page.”
“Sounds interesting,” she replied musingly. “But you should dedicate this book to my name.”
I was surprised at her demand. “How so?” I asked.
“I put up with all your creative explosions,” she said and laughed loudly.
Yes, you are here for a historic event. What you are about to read is world’s first ever Kindle Blog, or …shall we call Klog?! 

Tap here for the first edition. Here or Here.

My publishers tell me, that my desire to make Unclassified Intelligence available free might not entirely be possible, as amazon kindle might charge a small amount on every ebook. So I must confess I taste failure even before I began. But as we know already, our failures are the milestones that remind us where we are currently in our long journey. And every failure is a lesson. I am also informed that I can make the “book” available free through five days of my choice. I am definitely going to use that. But before I fix on which days to choose, to make Unclassified Intelligence available free, I must inform all my readers. I entrust you a part of that task, my friend. Please, tell this to your friends or share this page in your social networking platforms. We are making history here.  

Every new blog post I make, from this day onwards, will appear at first in Unclassified Intelligence. 

Happy reading,
Anu Lal


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