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Time to go Shopping: How Coupons Help

Warning: 1: This is a long article, and not for those with apparently short attention spans. 2: This article showcases hardcore book-lust, and describes deeds that may not be suitable for those of with milder hearts. Parental, matrimonial, and companion discretion preferred. With the arrival of online-stores, books have been available in amazingly cheap prices. In the past, I was a frequent visitor to bookstores in Kannur area, to the point that the owners of those posh bookstores started nodding at me when they see me, with a smile. Those smiles were precious for me. I will get into the reason in a short while. Before that let me recount the ways I pursued in order to satiate my addiction to books.
The desire to buy and own a book kept growing in me. By the time I was in the middle of the year in the twelfth class, I took it up as a mission. When I was in twelfth standard, I studied in a school situated on the shore of NH17 connecting Kannur and Kasargodu. During those days, lunch cos…