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Saritha S. Nair and the Mutiny 2013

Does what happen now in anyway correspond to what happened before? Let me put the question another way—is our present influenced by past or history?
Let’s buckle the seat belt, here we go.
Much like any other democracy, in Kerala too, it is very common among people to come out on the streets to protest against the policies of the government. On a moderately bright day in June, in the year 2013, a large crowed swarmed on to the streets in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, a small state in India, situated along the western cost, like a stripe in green. They threw stones at the police and the police threw grenades and teargas shells in return, at the mob.
The cause of the protests was a controversial revelation that broke out through some television quasi-news channels, the previous night. The Chief Minister of the state was accused of misleading a businessperson to invest money with a solar panel distributor. People associated with the solar panel company were recently arrested for …