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Wall of Colours and Other Stories

Thanks to my cover designer, Kate Martini, Wall of Colours and Other Stories looks marvelous and charming. Many people, through Facebook, commented about its so being. I am grateful to Kate and her designing skills. I am also grateful to all my readers, friends, and family, for being patient with me. I can very well understand that your hearts are big, and love unfathomable, and so is my book. I can tell, without any speck of doubt that there is a story for everyone’s taste, in Wall of Colours and Other Stories. It has a big heart, and unfathomable love behind each word scribbled in it.
If you think this post is written for self-publicity, I dare say you are not correct. My intention behind writing this piece is purely to share my excitement with you, as I always did whenever something so deeply touching and moving occurs in life. I find myself standing at a juncture, beyond which everything seems more meaningful and fulfilling. The moment I published my book, I have given a piece of m…