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A guest for you

Have you met Lit Pet, yet?
Meet Lit Pethere. Here is a guest post from our dear friend, Lit Pet

Boww…wooww….I stood by a telephone booth, half expecting someone to pick me up. The day before yesterday, the day of my birth, I realized that the world is a hard place to get on with. Therefore, I decided to find a way to get connected with the inner me, the self. You might think I want to achieve some self-realization. Hell, no! Boww..woowww….The only way I could tolerate the hideousness of this world is through finding something else to look at and focus. It helps in diverting my attention. A great deal of diversion was music. Then, occasionally, I listened to Adale, and started crying. That was why I decided to find something else. Well, so I searched and wandered the streets. Up the northern side, near thethattukada, was a telephone booth. A left turn from that telephone booth could lead you to the ‘police ground’. There was no police there, when I reached there. Instead, I found a circ…