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Spot Fixing and Champion’s Trophy

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In the morning, I had some ideas about what should appear in this article. But as the day wore on, night came and I felt spent and tired, unable to move on a centimeter. Writing requires tremendous energy, especially when it is about such a hot topic as ‘spot fixing’. As usual, I should warn you from misunderstanding the article to be a piece of investigative-gossip journalism or a piece of shitty morality.

From whatever I understand, as much as I try, there appears a limit in knowing what takes place behind the closed doors of the police quarters where Sreesanth and other players “were played” against themselves. Who knows what happened. The latest news surprised us, Keralites, to a very humongous extent. They took our Sreesanth to Tihar Jail!

“That wasn't any act of God. That was an act of pure human fuckery.” *

Delhi Police validated the case against Sreesanth by playing with the deluge of evidences, the whole world watched on Television. No one took such an imperative for Vindu Dara Singh or Sakshi Dhoni, who was with Vindu Dara Singh, as the television cameras showed us, during an IPL cricket match!

The blame game now rests upon the BCCI Chief and things in this direction seem very foggy, as well. From the apparent lethargy the system seems to work with, in the investigation after the evidence of the involvement of the fat cats started appearing in the media, it is natural to ask; why is Sreesanth alone in jail? 

No one would give you the answer, though. The answer is evident and clear to you, without any engraved or taped proof. It is time to find a culprit and walk him stripped on the streets, uplifting the morals of the nation, and shouting out ‘hail truth’.

Let us surmise the situation by reminding ourselves of some age-old adages: “there won’t be smoke until there is fire”; “if you ran, you should sweat.”

Until this point, it is OK, all natural moralizing crap. Look at what is going to happen next; Champion’s Trophy, the One-Day international cricket tournament. There is no problem in playing cricket, but when you play cricket under the veil of silence to questions like is it a ‘sport’ itself or just a show like the WWE, ugliness crawls in. The Indian Cricket team and the authorities, (the people who manage this entire bat and ball business) should declare the nature this sport in India holds, before the commencement of the Champion’s Trophy.
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If Indian cricket were an ‘arrangement’, still the lovers of this game in India would be happy to watch and cheer for their team like anything. It is there in this culture—servitude to the tyranny of emotions. An “arranged cricket” with its shouting, dancing, and screaming hulks, is in no way lesser than the IPL or the One-Day matches (with no internal arrangement of who must fail and who must win). But, only if they let us know.  

*Stephen King, The Stand


Blake Cash said…
I don't understand cricket, and I am farther from that understanding now.

It appears to me, that there is an element of "for the love of the game", that much of sports involves the beauty of a well played match more than a particular team winning.

A player being taken to jail is far beyond my comprehension.
Anu Lal said…
First of all, I thank you for your time and precious words on my blog.

I must confess that there are issues happening in Indian Cricket that are outside of my understanding too. The player was taken to jail for cheating, but is not yet given his trial in court. And before proving proving the charges, he is banned from the game for his whole life.

It seems there are more and more people making sacks of money through manipulating 'the love of the game'.

Let's wait and see what happens. I hope this article has opened you towards a new game and its accompanying new world. If that is the case, then I am convinced that my article worked its way through to success. I am happy! Have a great day dear friend!
Sarath Krishnan said…
Yes, you are exactly correct. Now, see the farce in life, not in fiction.. The one who was out from the post of BCCI for scandal has been re-elected as the BCCI chief to save the game, to make it corruption free- what an idea sirjee!
Make no mistake, indians are the most corrupt species on Earth.And this {tamasha} happening here leaves me rather amused.And, now I feel some enterprising, brillaint,knowledgeable writer should jump into this bandwagon to make a cool million? What else to comment?
Manohar Bhatia.

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