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Jesus of Nazareth

This article is partly religious and partly non-religious. I ask for forgiveness from religious people and companionship from the non-religious for reciting with me the Lord’s Prayer given below. 
This Friday is the day when Jesus of Nazareth took up on himself the cruelties the men of the world are capable of and died, for redeeming the lineage of Adam. Let us remember him and pray to God, may our saviour come back again, so that we all can repent for what we did to him and tell him how much we have yet to learn to be humans.
The memory of Jesus from my childhood brings to my mind the image of a kind storyteller, who loved kids very much. For each lesson he taught, he had a story to tell. With each story he built the pillars of the kingdom of God.  
The proclamation of Jesus that only through a child’s eyes one can see God, also proves how much he wanted us to understand the importance of the ability to see and hear though our inner eyes, the eyes of imagination and fantasy. In John 3:…