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Losing the Way

The world has become so narrow that one group of people now have to keep a day for themselves, in order not risk a whole lifetime. Happy Women's Day!
A faint glow I see, In the path in front of me. I find the glow attractive, Pleased by it, I move closer, Use it to see farther, further. I take a turn in the path, Find everything there drab and used. The rupture of hope from reality, Leaves me stunned to feel A strange poignancy, In the depth my heart conceals, Inside its walls within my bodily barriers. The pain tells me it’s time, To realize what I saw was just the glow, Or what the glow wanted me to see. The unique language to decipher, The signs of the path I took, Were imprinted in the walls of my heart, Hidden behind the bars of my ribs, I followed the glow to be what I am, Leaving what I hoped, dreamed, coveted to be, Alone, unattended, uncared for, unloved, Just to die and rot in the desolation of ignorance. I pray, let me be. I search for the pain, to show me the way, Where I could find the world o…