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Jaipur Literature Fest

Most of the literary festivals around the word are supposed to offer the following things:
Books, stories, poems, words, and the wonderful chance of meeting the people who write them.
Literature festivals never talk politics or race or casteism or gender.
Exposing certain breeds of cultural tyrants is not deemed to be the purpose of Jaipur Literature Fest; at least, I think so.
Who in the world would buy what I just said about literary fests? At least I won’t. In this paradoxical idealism, I can see the traces of myself being negated and asserted and negated again.
Literature festivals do talk politics, race, caste and gender.
This later thought is the reality and the former, naïve idealism. One can see in this case, reality creates wounds while naivety heals them.
After previous year’s fray by the Islamists and Hinduists, I was doubtful if there would be another JaipurLiterature Fest in the coming year, meaning 2013. I was so sure about the cancellation of this years Fest, as anyone, famil…