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Newspaper Mornings

The routine drama of daily life is mostly structured like this: Getting up in the morning, morning chores, breakfast, getting the daily bus to work, forgetting to put the signature in the attendance column, screeching at the maximum voice to students who hardly believe in the prospect of listening to another young person who boast of being a teacher, having the same tiffin for lunch, dozing off in the afternoon light-hours, taking the same bus back home, thinking about the benefits of exercise and regretting over not getting enough time for workouts.
In an attempt to make a difference, I started a new habit lately: buying news papers every morning at the news stand, where I get the bus to college too, inside the old bus stand.
I always held the argument that news papers in Kerala never learnt how to balance news from different areas. Most of them have a surplus political content. In one of the conferences conducted by one of the leading Malayalam dailies, with a literary bend, a speaker said “po…