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A Lizard’s Tale

Upon the wall of a University English Department I survived, almost alone with a strange sensation in my head, along with an urge to cut my tail off sometime.

I always felt the presence of a voice, like a creature inside me that I knew never would exist, which puzzled me enough to think of fleeing.
The reason why I was alone was strange too, especially for those who live in houses and other close relatives of human abodes. Mostly our enemies come in the form of strange poisonous sprays or birds, none of which appeared in the place I live in, however, most of my family and friends never came here. Those who lived fled from the Department, because they said they all felt a suffocation that cannot be explained.
I didn’t run away, though. When I was about to make off, I realized the voice was coming from my head. It said; ‘if you ran, you would find no roof ever to crawl under’.
That was it; it was this same voice that puzzled me about things in life as well as the world around me; it was