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A Surprise Announcement

Sweetness, sometimes, is sweet in ways that are quite amazing. I have been awarded by Tia Terri, with an award that looks like an apple held out in both hands, with a heart carved in it. Indeed a sweet award. Usually, I find all the awards with some sort of name attached with it, like “Kreative Blogger Award”, or “Cute Blogger”. But this time, there is no name tag attached with this award. So I decided to name it, just for the fun of it. And for those who find it in anyway unwelcoming to your temperaments, I keep my apologies open. The name is: Sweet Blogger Award.
I thank you Tia Terri, for this really sweet award. In appreciating others, we appreciate our own sense of friendliness, acceptance and aesthetic sensibility, especially in the case of artistic products.
I here leave five links to the winners of Sweet Blogger Award from my blog: The Indian Commentator.
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