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"In the depth of her heart, every girl conceals a story."--Anu.  

Iknew Sameer from my high school days; Sameer the lover boy, Sameer the writer, Sameer the dream crush. He was there in everything superlative—campus fest, art fest, sports. He alwaysscoredthe top marks in our class. Ilovedhim. I would feel a movement down my underbelly whenever I met him andtalkedwith him. I think Ihada crush on him, like every other girl in our school.
But hewasdifferent from what I thought other boys to be. He was very sensitive and emotional; I knew that more than any one else, because Ihadseen him sobbing behind the boys’ room several times, whenever Rakhi finds excuses not to talk to him. 
Rakhi was the girl heloved, the centre of jealousy for the whole school.
One day Isawhim weeping, behind the boys’ room. I could see him from the girl’s room on the top floor. Later that day I found an opportunity to talk to him. He did not say much, though. Try as I may I could not prod him to speak. That…