Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guidelines and Rules

I have been awarded with a Stylish Blogger award by Neeha, as I informed in the previous post. I once again thank Neeha for considering me apt for this recognition. This is the first time I am receiving this award. There are certain guidelines and rules one should follow after receiving this award, as I learnt from her blog. Any way, I have broken one of them just now—the first rule. That is expressing gratitude and linking back to the person who gives you the award. I did it, too, not just once, but twice.

The second rule is to share seven things about you. Well, it seems to be a difficult task for me. I am a failure to conceive myself as an intellectual entity. I sometimes stand inside the intellectual boundary but sometimes go outside it. It is difficult to talk about me. Whenever such situations arise, I have an idea. I urge others, people related to me, to talk about me. The intention is very simple. People around me will know me much better than I myself. But still, considering the guidelines, I succumb to the rule of the game. And considering my difficulty, I have decided to copy and paste the seven truths about myself that I published in one of my previous posts for the purpose of a similar occasion. Here they are:

         1. I am working as a lecturer. But, I am a writer in my deeds, thoughts, dreams, and each pulse of my heart.

2. I am love, wrapped in a cloak of invisibility, still wanting to be acknowledged.

3. Though my people do not understand me, always keep a blind eye towards my dreams, thoughts and personal likes—because they want me to be like them; think like them, live like them, successful like them; and they do all this out of the 
immensity of their love towards me—hopelessly, often painfully, I understand them. 

4. I am open to criticisms, not until I forget them, at least partially. I still dislike hypocrisy. And I do not know how to say no. 

5. I believe in God and in His Son, Jesus, and I believe this too that each moment I work, I worship.

6. I am an Indian, but not a Hindu, not a Christian or a Muslim. I am a writer.

7. I love privacy and most of the times enjoy loneliness. But sometimes the latter conquers me. 

The third criterion is sharing the award with 15 recently discovered great bloggers. She stresses “recently”. Among the people I have decided as the winners, some are recent in my blog, like months, but some are from years of acquaintance and friendship, like two years. Well, two years are not that distant, is it?  So here are the winners:

Be Happy      

The list is not complete. I have made a change here. I am not publishing the winners all in one post, instead I have decided to publish the name and link of the rest of the winners in the upcoming posts, along with my short fiction series "The Days that are No More"--one by one.

The fourth law is to contact the winners and tell them about their awards. That is what I am going to do just now. Off I go.
I hope you will wait for the next winner announcements in the coming posts.
Much love,

PS: "The Days that are No More" will continue in the next post. 


Anya said...

Thank you very much Anu lal :-)

So nice to know more about you !!!
Go for it ...
live your on life ...
do what you want to do ...
writer YES you are a good one ...
enjoy life fullest !!!


Terri said...

Thank You, Me Ho for the spoil me...and I will do my best to post about it soon.

Anu Lal said...

Thank you both of you. Hugs.