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Guidelines and Rules

I have been awarded with a Stylish Blogger award byNeeha, as I informed in the previous post. I once again thank Neeha for considering me apt for this recognition. This is the first time I am receiving this award. There are certain guidelines and rules one should follow after receiving this award, as I learnt from her blog. Any way, I have broken one of them just now—the first rule. That is expressing gratitude and linking back to the person who gives you the award. I did it, too, not just once, but twice.

The second rule is to share seven things about you. Well, it seems to be a difficult task for me. I am a failure to conceive myself as an intellectual entity. I sometimes stand inside the intellectual boundary but sometimes go outside it. It is difficult to talk about me. Whenever such situations arise, I have an idea. I urge others, people related to me, to talk about me. The intention is very simple. People around me will know me much better than I myself. But still, considering th…