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January 11

"Sometimes a story just knocks at your door."--Anu

I was writing a story, feeling well. The sun was shining bright outside and my room enjoyed an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Everything communicated something good.
Then God appeared to me. He had a sullen face. He said- “Today, for the last one hour, you forgot to think about me, whereas for the previous one week you were giving enough time for prayers.” 
“Mr. God, there is no point in arguing about this. For the last one week, I was silenced by a block. It is only today that I regained my flow,” I told him and resumed writing.
He stood there and with each of the words I jotted down, grew more and more fierce. I could not help it. I had to talk about the fathomless sea of silence I crossed within the past days of creative non-productivity. Therefore, it was hard not to write. I must utilise my boon; otherwise it will be transformed into a curse.
It had been a whole week for which I was trapped in the writers block. I h…