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The Acknowledgement

The time of the day that we call morning, when we open our eyes and cherish the moment into which we pour our self and which marks the moment of the transformation of sleep into wakefulness, deserves Acknowledgement from us. Morning is a door that exists for us. And that benevolence should be given consideration.
When I was traveling by bus early in the morning towards my daily destination, again the thought of Acknowledgement came to me. I looked outside. It was unique: the nature, as if peeled off from its previous self and bestowed with a novel life, it exerted its luminous presence through blinding my sight to green but every other colour. Then the vision changed into gold and then into the conglomerate bliss of the flowers: Transformation. I looked around outside the bus, in acknowledgement.

We open our eyes to the morning, and we acknowledge the presence of the door, the moment of transformation. In order to acknowledge the benevolence of nature, too, we open our eyes, look ar…