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The wikipedia article on Madonna, the singer, contains an adjective in its title in brackets: ‘entertainer’—a title truly deserved by the singer. She is endowed with an extremely powerful personality and an equally charming talent for music. Continuing her journey of music through a great many troubles personal and professional, she has reached at a stage in her life, where, her name itself would be enough to hold the masses on to their feet. Today that is, on the 16th of August 2010, she has turned 52 years: an age almost reminds of retirement for any of the woman singers. And, as is crystal clear, she is not going to stop it here. This would not have been possible with out hard work and extreme dedication. That is what makes her an icon for womanhood.
She was always there. Her smile, her dance moves, her voice, and her songs; a half century and a whole lifetime of music. It seems as if time has ceased in the mesmerizing power of her songs; as if it has been possessed by her charm. Th…