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9 You feel the pain, You shed the tears. You lose the light, You prefer darkness. But you find the moon. and the moment gives- You back your lost smile. You wonder why, And hope to know it later. Unaware of the bird of hope singing somewhere in your mind, Unseen. 

Dear readers,

I started off "Hopes" with a certain idea about the concept of Hope. My comprehension of hope was as a phenomenon that exists tangible and close to human subjectivity. My concept of hope was; as the realm of existence one enters after an exhausting flow of tears. And I also believed that when hopes break, tears are its aftermath. But as I moved through the poems, as you did as readers, I came across many new lessons. As Tia Terri rightly said in one of her comments, "Hope is what you do not yet possess. Because if you have it there is no longer a need to hope for it." This was a new learning. Something contrary to what I thought and believed. But I can proudly say that my art taught me something. I lea…