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Contest for "The Circle of Friends Award"

Hi there, as I promised in my previous post, here are the five questions, after answering which you would be selected for The Circle of Friends Award. But as every good contest or game, here also we have a rule or game plan. Play within the rules.

Rule number one: The participant must be a follower of my blog, The Indian Commentator. If you are not a follower, you can follow right now and start participating in the contest.

two: You must answer all the five questions if you want to secure your victory.

Three: You should write the answers in the comment box below with properly numbering each of the answers. Remember, if you could not make sure that the numbers given to each of the questions are not followed in the answers, you might lose the chance to be a winner even if all your answers are correct.

 All the questions are based on my blog: The Indian Commentator.    You can use the tools given on your right hand side in the blog to find out the answers. Also you can scroll dow…