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This award has been bestowed upon me by my blogger friend, Tarun Mitra for "heart rendering poetry", as he puts it. Thank you so much Tarun. It is a great pleasure when you are acknowledged for doing something that is very close to your heart. In my case, it is writing.

This is the first time that I am getting this award. So thinking to whom shall I pass it on. Because, as I saw in Tarun's blog, the person receiving the award has to pass it on to his friends. Well, let me think. I will publish the winner's name the next day.

The Indian Commentator.

Here is the Second Drop of "Tears".

My tears are not of sorrow,
not of joy.
But of wonder in seeing how,
the distance between you,
and me has transformed,
into something saline,
soothing, and overflowing.